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Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute

Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute
1825 Park Avenue Suite 602

About Us:

CCCADI is dedicated to promoting and promulgating the cultures of people of African descents in the Americas. Connecting communities from the Diaspora to our root cultures, where possible provides a comprehensive understanding of the sacred, aesthetic, philosophical thought and practices that our Diaspora communities have gifted the world. Through concerts, gallery tours, workshops, performances, conferences, professional development sessions, spiritual gatherings, and teaching artists residencies and social media present programs that reach a multi-generational audience.

We envision a world in which the rich legacy of diverse African cultures that have informed the African Diaspora are valued and embraced as an integral part of world cultures. For over 36 years we have worked toward the social, cultural, and economic equity of our African Diaspora communities in New York City and State and around the world. Making the invisible visible has been our mission. Has we have witness our work influence and understanding of the aesthetic creative contributions our communities have gifted the world it our continued vision to examine and present the complexities that have nurtured and created innovative aesthetic expressions that have woven a complex tapestry of the diversity the African Diaspora represents and reflects. The kaleidoscope we reflect is for ever changing.

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