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Seneca Falls Skate Park

Seneca Falls Skate Park
35 Water Street

Rules and Information:
 - All Seneca Falls residents wishing to use the skate park must fill out the registration form; there is no cost. Participants will have to register each spring. The signature of the participant and the parent must be complete on the registration form before the youth can attend.
 - A non-resident must be signed- in with a Seneca Falls resident and must fill out the registration form and pay a $10.00 fee each time they visit the skate park. If the non-resident isn’t signed-in with a SF resident, they must be accompanied by a parent (grades K-12).
 - The skate park supervisor will determine times for bikes, skateboards, and small children accompanied by a parent. Children in grades 6-12 can skate on their own in the park. Parents bringing a child in grade 5 or under must accompany them onto the skating surface at all times.
 - Any participant that doesn’t have their required equipment cannot enter the skating area. They must remain outside the fence. Please skate safely and remember to be courteous of those around you. And, most importantly… Have fun!

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