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Robert Moses State Park

19 Robinson Bay Road

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Robert Moses State Park is located partly on the mainland and partly on Barnhart Island. Visitors reach the park through a tunnel under the Eisenhower Lock. The park is spacious, home to a large variety of flora and fauna and offers a multitude of recreational opportunities, including wooded campsites and cabins, a marina and boat launch, some of the best fishing in the Northeast, picnic areas, a swimming beach, tennis courts and a year round nature center. The nature center also offers holiday, special events and school outreach programs. The park's nature, hiking and cross-country skiing trails wind through fields, forests and wetlands, with overlooks showcasing spectacular views.


Johnny G

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018
I have been camping here since i was a child its a Great environment, lots of space for larger campers, the grounds are relatively clean but I recommend taking a shower in your camper if able to because the showers in the bathroom are too dam hot and you have to keep pushing the button on the wall and when you have soap in your eyes it makes the task somewhat difficult not to mention the bathrooms and showers don't look very clean. There's a nice playground by the beach and an old swing in the other part of the camp ground it's nice that they finally fixed the road coming in

Krystal Gardner

Sunday, July 15, 2018
We camped here for a week. We really liked it. They do not have full hookups or we would have stayed here the whole time. The playground is nice and the beach is really clean and clear. They even have a lifeguard. They have pretty nice bath houses with a place to wash dishes but no laundry that I saw.

He F

Thursday, July 12, 2018
My family and I were at your campground this past weekend. I do believe you get what you pay for. There were very few amenities on the grounds. We chose this establishment as it was close to our family. Which is probably the only positive factor in my experience. I thought the lady at the registration office was not very personable. Dealing with the public I believe this is a very important quality to have. I have yet to visit a campground that does not have leash laws/rules. Although i also have yet to visit a campground where the people actual follow this rule or that the campground enforces it. I have a very sweet dog that loves people but does not get along with other animals. I keep her on a lead/leash the WHOLE time we camp. I make sure not to bring her to the dog parks. I am doing my part to make sure we have a pleasant and relaxing time while we camp. Rules are put into place for every ones well being and safety. Unfortunately while we were there we had a dog wonder onto our site. I told a gentlemen that there are leash rules and he proceeded to get nasty with me ending in a heated verbal altercation. For this reason and others I will never again stay here again. Very disappointed

Karen Bronchetti

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Nature Center is extremely well done. Interesting, clean, spacious, welcoming. This is well worth a visit if you are in the area with children. As an outdoor area, it is a gorgeous spot. Very special.

Trevor Wilson

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Our campsite was disgusting. There were used condoms we rushed to clean up before our little ones found them. The fire pit had rotting food in it. If it wasn't for our kids being so excited we would've just left. I called several times and tried to talk to a manager but was told there wasn't one there. I left my contact information and still haven't heard from anyone. Several other campers called to complain about other things and was told the same thing. We all went and bought toilet paper because the bathrooms didn't have any for over a day, even though staff stopped several times to "clean" them. Even after the woman camping next to me called they showed up but didn't even get out of the truck. Will never go there again!

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