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Kaatsbaan International Dance Center

33 Kaatsbaan Road


Kaatsbaan is a permanent international dance center dedicated to the growth, advancement and preservation of professional dance. Kaatsbaan provides a creative residence in an aesthetically inspirational and healthy working environment for dance-related artists from all dance disciplines.


Kaatsbaan was founded by professional dancers in response to the continued lack of affordable studio space in New York City in which to create and rehearse dance; no time for the creative process; no time to experiment; fewer opportunities for professionals to expand and diversify their expertise; and fewer opportunities for emerging dance artists to perfect their craft to a professional level.

Kaatsbaan was designed to provide national and international dance companies, choreographers and all dance artists with an affordable year-round facility where they can interact as a diverse community, experiment, create, rehearse, perform, showcase new work, train, and develop new sets, costumes and productions. The project is designed to stimulate the development and growth of dance as an art form.

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