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The Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery closed its doors as a New York State fish hatchery on March 31, 1982. The following day it was reopened as a non-profit educational center by the Friends of the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery, Inc. Its mission is to operate as an environmental education center and public aquarium that continues to raise and stock trout. We are proud to have the largest living collection of New York State freshwater reptiles, fishes and amphibians. The Hatchery is a fun place for your family to spend an afternoon together. Visitors can tour our two aquarium buildings and eight outdoor ponds, feed the hungry trout, and try our “Catch & Keep” fishing. Special events, such as Herp Day and Turtle Hatch Day, offer the public an opportunity to learn more about the creatures that inhabit New York State’s natural environment. 

Each year schools, scouts and other groups visit the Hatchery to learn about the freshwater ecosystems of New York State. Elementary level programs, such as Fins and Jaws, Habitats and Life Cycles, and secondary level programs, such as Pond Life and Freshwater Ecology, complement New York State learning standards and enrich the learning experiences of the students. The Hatchery’s seasonal Egg Stripping program allows students to witness the centuries-old technique of fish breeding: egg taking and fertilization. With the continuing support from Hatchery members, government agencies, private organizations and foundations, the Hatchery has been able to expand its programming with outreach options. Working in conjunction with Trout in the Classroom, the Hatchery is able to bring Egg Stripping programs into schools. 

The ability of the Hatchery to serve the community as a gathering place for special family and educational events, attests to its dedicated mission to increase awareness and appreciation for the freshwater ecosystems of New York State.



Sky Dellasala

Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018
Such a cute quaint spot to go and explore on a nice day. And super affordable! It’s fun for all ages too! Im 21 and I love marine life so it was really nice seeing some cute turtles and frogs and feed some fish! The gift shop staff is also super nice.

BarbaraAnn Wilson

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
I absolutely love this place. I have been going here since I was a kid.In the 90's I was fortunate to be able to bring my 2 children here. Recently I was even more fortunate to come back again with my 4 year old grandson. The expression on his face as he got to feed the fish was heartwarming to say the least. It was nice to look back on the memories my family has made over the years. Like when I came with my kids and they had the birds of prey. My daughter at 28 years old still can recall the entire experience!! And how much fun she had with her sister, feeding the fish and catching fish for the first time. I will always treasure the time spent here. There is no other hatchery I have been to that is as unique as this one. I have been to several over the years, throughout Texas and New York. hoping to find another as wonderful as this one. Yet I have not. They now let you purchase a bucket of feed for the fish, yet they still have the crank machines if you do not want to buy a bucket. They also have refills on the bucket for a cheaper price then the original purchase. Along with feeding the fish there are tons of turtles outside too! Inside you can see many different frogs , turtles, lizards, spiders. And in the other building there is an aquarium. To get up close with the fish. I have to mention it is sad that the resident snapping turtle was stolen and died shortly after he was recovered. But you can still see him and read story as he has been taxidermied and is in a display now. Thank you for all the fond memories.

Gamal Aly

Sunday, July 8, 2018
I enjoy coming to this place and the selection of fish and things to do and see are overwhelming (in a good way!). I wished that there was some sort of tarp or covering in the summer because the sun is extreme. Great staff, lots of helpful folks, and the surrounding water is gorgeous.

cookie bomb

Sunday, July 22, 2018
It was very beautiful. You can get one bucket of fish food for 4 dollars. It is a very kid friendly environment

Devorah Avrukin

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Cute little place. Great for little kids, say 2-5. Our 8 year old enjoyed the fishing, but got bored quickly.

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Saturday, Sep 29, 2018 from 10:00am to 4:30pm
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
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