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Bowlmor Chelsea Piers

59 Chelsea Piers, 23rd St. and Hudson River Park

Jam-packed with challenging obstacles and unique hiding spots, there's entertainment and excitement around every corner of Bowlmor's Urban Mission laser tag experience. Embark on a mission, challenge your friends, battle your coworkers for office bragging rights, and prepare for fun. Get ready. Suit up. Engage.


Risilda Laho

Thursday, June 21, 2018
1.The staff as well as the instructors are bullies and liars. 2. The first day they give you a pass they start attacking on signing in for membership. The guess passes they provide you with are not able for use as they make excuses which are not listed in the pass nor website. 3. Front desk employee Mike has "zero welcoming" nor costumer skills and extremely rude when you walk in. 4. I wrote to the higher authorities via email in regards to the issues for them to find a solution multiple times which none of them responded. 5. The managers close the" Facility" at their convenience for unacceptable events and kick the members out. A few times the people which travel from upstate stated it happens all the time and it is very inconvenient and unfair for them when they pay a high rate. 6. The cleaning staff are so busy walking around and turning cleaning floor blowers when members are in the Sauna or steam room. In addition they do not fill the toilette paper holder. 7. The instructors show up as they please as well as yell at the members and try to humiliate them just to feel powerful. Kevin the volleyball couch which he calls himself as I am sure he does not own a volleyball teaching certificate and have no teaching skills. 8.The volleyball court schedule rules are not obeyed. 9.The office staff Amy, Alex and Stacy have no costumer relationship skills, that explains why the staff is consistently changing, it must be a poor training program. 10. I scheduled an appointment for Rock climbing, when I walked in the day of the appointment, my name was not on the schedule. It took them a long time to accommodate me for their mistake. In addition, I stopped by in the Barre Studio for my class, the front desk lady was telling me that this is where they make their money so even if you are a member, you would need to pay for the class. They let costumers walk away unsatisfied. Which according to their theme" Chelsea Piers, the home of the Best Sports is a complete scam instead the there of the members perspective "The Facility of Bullies and Worst Service." 11.They use cheap hair products. Being said that save yourself time and money and join Equinox.

Nichole Clayman

Monday, July 23, 2018
A beautiful complex! Gymnastics, soccer, basketball, batting cages, indoor playspace, etc. There are open court hours for $10/hour. The staff were polite and helpful. There are clean restrooms, water fountains, & vending machines available.

Zachary Griper

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018
the instructors are real big bullies, and my son said he would pay me to not go. They start picking favorites, and if you are not on the list, you are screwed. Trash. Don't waste your time and money unless going as a family, because if they pick on you then, they could be fired

Greg T

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Had a pretty good time here, batted in the cages and then ate in the bar within the bowling alley, staff were friendly and helpful throughout, especially the folks in the bowling alley. Keep up the good work :)

Dave Fan

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
huge workout spot with a great pool, beach volleyball court, and sundeck - a calm oasis away from the bustling city

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