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Township Theatre Group

Township Theatre Group
660 Park Avenue

During the early 1950's the Township of Huntington was home to three community theatre companies - The Players Guild of the Huntington Jewish Center, the Northport Players and the Huntington Community Theatre - all suffering from a lack of volunteers and audiences. A group of theatre enthusiasts from these three companies refused to let local community theatre die and in January 1952, they organized the Township Theatre Group with the purpose "to preserve and develop theatre in all its phases". Membership grew and soon the group was presenting one-act plays, airing a weekly series of radio plays and making plans for a "Summer Comedy Festival". The Town of Huntington declared the week of June 28, 1952 "TTG Summer Comedy Festival Week" and urged residents to support the community's new cultural endeavor. Audience members at TTG's premier performance were treated to a welcoming greeting by Henry Fonda, who was summering in Huntington.

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