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Slate Valley Museum

Slate Valley Museum
17 Water Street

Our Mission:

The Slate Valley Museum's mission is to collect, catalog, conserve, exhibit, and interpret materials, artifacts, machines, and information that demonstrate the geology of slate and the history of slate quarrying and the quarrying community in the Slate Valley of New York and Vermont.

About Us:

-A restored historic 19th Century New World Dutch Barn

- Exhibits of historic artifacts from the area's renowned slate quarries and mills

- Displays revealing the science and art of slate quarrying, and its influence on the Slate Valley culture

- A quarry shanty, complete with all the machinery and tools used in traditional slate quarrying

- S 30-foot-tall replica of a quarry stick used in days gone by to bring large pieces of stone up from the quarry pit into the yard

- A geological display illustrating the natural history of slate

- Examples of how slate has been used in the structure and decor of local buildings

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