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Seaway Trail Discovery Center

401 West Main Street

The mission of Seaway Trail, Inc. is to increase tourism revenues and to enhance the economic well-being and quality of life in the Seaway Trail corridor by managing and marketing it as a leading scenic byway.

Seaway Trail, Inc. is a not-for-profit membership organization with offices in Sackets Harbor. The organization has a full-time staff of 5 persons and approximately 700 members.

Seaway Trail Inc. serves its members and local governments by promoting and advocating for the wise and sustained use of the inland coastal corridor as a scenic byway. Seaway Trail, Inc. facilitates their ability to interact with the tourist and with each other. By doing so, businesses, local governments, counties, and residents benefit from a coordinated approach to the management of its unique intrinsic qualities and tourism promotion. A by-product of Seaway Trail, Inc. programming provides residents along the byway with local recreational, educational and employment opportunities, a sense of identity as a scenic byway community, and an enhanced quality of life.

...Pursue an increased but stable rate of economic development and growth of the tourism industry throughout the Seaway Trail region.
...Protect and enhance the scenic, natural and cultural resources of the Seaway Trail region.
...Develop the Seaway Trail region as a high quality experience for recreation and vacations.

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