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High Falls Film Festival

High Falls Film Festival
45 East Avenue, Suite 400

About Us:

Since 2001, the High Falls Women’s Film Festival has been celebrating the artistry of women in film — behind the camera, in leading roles on the screen, and at the heart of storylines.  HFWFF’s focus on women in film is inspired by Rochester’s legacy as the birthplace of film (George Eastman and Kodak) and the women’s rights movement (Susan B. Anthony).

For the last 17 years, our film festival has been celebrating and creating opportunity for women filmmakers from all over the world, not just by screening their films, but by also inviting them to be part of the larger conversation on inequality in the film industry.

Over the last year the world has witnessed the strengthening of a movement of women in Hollywood fighting for their due respect. This inspired us to look at how we were portraying our own mission and our festival.

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