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Deer Run Winery

Deer Run Winery
3772 West Lake Road

Open: Year-Round

Deer Run Winery is a family owned farm winery whose humble beginnings grew from one man's love of making wine.  Wine making has long been a passion of George Kuyon, who built Deer Run Winery in 2003 on a 20 acre parcel of farmland, after his retirement from Kodak. His only child, Scott, who was working as a marine mechanic in Florida at the time, heard the news that his father was planning to open a winery.  Scott decided to ask his Mother if his Dad needed any help, and after speaking with her, Scott decided to move back north to help his Father fulfill his dream.  Now, over a decade later, Deer Run has has established itself as an award-winning winery at the north end of Conesus Lake that is here to stay.

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