6151 NY-12, Norwich, NY 13815-1620, USA
(607) 336-2729


Cate T.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Employees were nice. It was pretty typical Arby's food. Floors everywhere were slippery, not only because of the rainy weather; they seemed greasy. There were two other sets of patrons besides us while we dined in. There were problems with the paper towel dispensers in both bathrooms. When we went to pay for our food, the cashier had no money drawer, much to his surprise!

Gary Brazee

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Got all the way back to work and had to turn around and go back! Forgot to put chicken on my chicken sammich! Place was crazy busy and it was a pain in the butt! I will admit I was pretty frustrated and could have taken it out in the girl at the counter and ruined her day! Instead I told her what happened and she was super nice and apologetic and they made the whole order fresh within minutes!! I know mistakes happen and things get over looked but they made it right and their attitude while doing so was fantastic !!

mustfa sharrif

Friday, June 8, 2018

very delicious shaved meat very thin ,is it worth the visit y determine that out after buying the kit FROM ALDI NEXT DOOR TO THEM YOU WILL BUY 6 GYRO LIKE THEY SELL 2 FOR 6 YOU WILL GET SIX GYRO FOR 4.95 $$ JUST DEFROST THEM

Kyle Benjamin

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A perfectly acceptable fast food location, as generic as any other. They are particularly slow if you go inside although.

Alan Warburton

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

Drive thru line was full I was third in line to get to menu board took about 5 minutes. After ordering it took about 10 minutes to got to the window to pay foe my food. After paying they handed my drink. It took anther 2 to 3 minutes before my food was handed out. No condiments were offered I had to ask for them. The prices ate extremely high for the food that you get. McDonald's type food at the price of going out to eat at Red Lobster!!! Around 20.00 for 1 meal and drink. Employees are not friendly very short and dull they did not greet you they just take your money hand your food and close the window not even a smile. When the window was open it sounded like the environment inside wad very tense and employee's didn't Seem to be happy or enjoying their job. The sandwiches that I received were mage sloppily they were just slapped together. Fries cold and regular fries mixed with curly fries. Could not tell cleanliness of parking lot due to snow but the parking lot could have been plowed a little better as well as some salt at the parking lot exit. It is quite steep exiting on to the main busy highway. An accident waiting to happen.