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Smithtown Township Arts Council

660 Route 25A


The Smithtown Township Arts Council promotes the arts to protect and enrich Suffolk County's unique quality of life.


The Smithtown Township Arts Council, knowing that the arts are vital to the human spirit, encourages citizens to celebrate, participate in, and support the arts in their everyday lives. The arts, in turn, will grow Smithtown Township’s capacity for creativity, build more vibrant communities and bridge differences among people .


To fulfill its mission, the Smithtown Township Arts Council will:

Expand opportunities to learn in and through the arts

Strengthen Smithtown Township artists and arts organizations

Engage the arts to benefit people and communities throughout Suffolk County


The Smithtown Township Arts Council develops policies, programs, and procedures around the following beliefs:

Everyone in Suffolk County should have access to the arts regardless of age, income, ethnicity, disability, geographic location or other potential barrier to arts participation.

The arts are basic to a complete education.

The arts can help build vital communities.

Creative enterprises are integral to the cultural community and our local economy.

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