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Huntington Arts Council

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About Us

The Huntington Arts Council promotes arts and culture generated by Long Island artists to our children and to the general population.  We work to enrich the cultural, social and economic life of the community by nurturing the professional development of artists, and by providing timely news and events via Arts Cultural News (circulation: 90,000).  Our Arts-in-Education program reaches 35,000 children annually through our partner school districts.  We also offer artistic programs and services to our more than 100 cultural organization members who encompass the broad spectrum of arts disciplines.

The arts are an important reason why Long Island is increasingly recognized as a great place to live, work and conduct business.  The arts generate jobs and wages, millions in annual direct spending, and millions more in terms of indirect spending by people drawn to attend cultural events in our community.

The Huntington Arts Council plays a leading role in sustaining the economic benefits of the arts through its promotion of activities and events in our community.   The arts create a vibrant, energized, and culturally rich community.

Since it was founded in 1963, the Huntington Arts Council has inspired and aided the growth of hundreds of art organizations and individual artists now flourishing across Long Island.  The Huntington Arts Council celebrates the diversity of Long Island's cultural resources through sponsored activities, programs and publications that advocate cultural awareness and education.

The Huntington Arts Council is the official arts coordinating agency of the Town of Huntington and serves as the primary regranting agency in Suffolk County for the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).

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