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Herkimer County Fair

Herkimer County Fair
135 Cemetary Street


The Herkimer County Fair  is one of the youngest fairs in the state - incorporated in 1950. The first few years, the fair was held in August, running three days in the village of Frankfort, New York. The fair bought a farm on Cemetery hill in 1958 and is the present site of our 19 acre fairgrounds with the fair running six days in mid August and celebrating 54 years this year. The fair is a not-for-profit corporation with the entire board of directors, officers, superintendents, and fair assistants working on a volunteer basis throughout the year. All revenue received goes directly back into the fair. Since 1992, the fair has built a new 200x30 exhibitors building, a 60x120 entertainment pavilion, as well as a new kitchen and bathroom for both buildings.
There is constant activity from May to October before our grounds are closed down for winter storage. The grounds are used for Camper groups , Ham fest, Senior picnic, and the Trapper convention. The most important event is our annual County Fair, held in August with attendance reaching over 65,000 people for the six day period. The fair mascot sits atop our flagpole to ward off bad weather and has succeeded for the past ten years! 

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