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Greater Port Jefferson - Northern Brookhaven Arts Council

101 East Broadway

The Greater Port Jefferson-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council's mission is to support artistic activity in the Northern Brookhaven area embodying music, film, theater, literature, dance and visual arts and all educational and cultural endeavors as they relate to the arts. This mission is accomplished by coordinating our efforts with arts organizations, artists, local municipalities, schools, art galleries, libraries, theaters and other such organizations within the community that share our common goal.
The Arts Council expresses this mission through extensive services to the arts community including grant writing, technology, software and Internet

support, and through an aggressive programming schedule covering all forms of artistic expression. The Arts Council seeks to inspire our youth to achieve excellence, encourage family activities and programming for our senior population, and provide outreach to our communities at risk. We are proud to serve the communities in Northern Brookhaven.

The GPJAC serves the entire Northern Brookhaven area of Long Island from the North Shore down to Route 25. We serve a community of approximately 215,000 people consisting of all age, socio-economic and racial groups.

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