The PiTCH: Week 1- Far From Canterbury

The PiTCH: Week 1- Far From Canterbury

Thursday, Jul 18, 2019


The PiTCH allows you to witness and participate in the development of a brand new musical! Come see a 60-min production presented by the writers themselves, including scenes, songs and choreography! After the show, participate in a Q&A with the creative team to help them in their next stage of development. 

A re-imagined telling of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, Far From Canterbury takes us to a world where fairy tales are considered current events, and tells the story of a shy young knight who will be sentenced to death, unless in one year, he can answer one simple riddle: “What is it that women desire most?

Times: Wed, Thurs at 7:30 PM & Friday at 8:00 PM