Exhibit - Painting, Artifact and Color by Ginnie Gardiner

Monday, Jul 30, 2018 from 9:00am to 4:00pm


Exhibit runs from July 11 - July 31; with artist talk on July 13, 6 PM

Casana T House is very pleased to announce an exhibition of recent work by New York artist Ginnie Gardiner.

One series of collages and paintings explores the interaction of pattern and design with the human form. This focused selection is inspired by several of the motifs and designs of Casana founder Carrie Chen.

Another new series, titled the "Artifact Color Series," serves as an expansion and focus on her painterly process and her ongoing studies involving the concept of phenomenal transparency, with opaque mixtures achieving the illusion of transparency in the medium of oil paint. These collages are inspired by Josef Alber’s "Homage to the Square" series.

Ginnie Gardiner’s distinctive style of color notes of optically mixed oil paints produces shimmering, figurative abstractly coherent works. Gardiner cites the American Modernists and 2nd generation New York School Artists and specifically Alex Katz, Louisa Matthiasdottir and Lois Dodd, with their reductive treatment of form and clarity of light, as influences.

Please call our store at 518.325.6105 or email info@casanatea.com with questions and reservations. We look forward to seeing you.